Naha Armády

  • The Five Elemental Quartzes

    1 season

    Quartz is the second most common mineral out there and it is one of the key elements in crystal healing. In this series Naha Armady goes through the main quartz crystals that correspond to each of the elements. The class also includes a guided healing meditation with each crystal.

  • Elemental Anatomy

    1 season

    In this class we learn about the subtle bodies and techniques to work with them. Part of Naha Armády's wider Elemental magic course.

  • Elemental Magic

    1 season

    Join HOI's Naha Armády as she takes us on a journey into the world of Elemental Magic.

  • Getting To the Point

    1 season

    Crystal healing class and grids by Naha Armády.

    Get the most out of your crystals. These techniques can help with many issues you might be having.

  • Behind the Magic: Interviews

    1 season

    Behind the scenes at HOI.TV.

  • Behind the Magic with Naha

    Marco Gonzalez goes behind the scenes at HOI.TV.