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  • Full Moon in Aries Guided Meditation Ritual

    This full moon will ask you to take the focus from Libra’s relationship centric “we” at the beginning of the cycle, to the “me” of fiery Aries. It will ask you to sharpen your sense of Self - what do you want, feel, believe in? And most key to Aries - what action can you take to champion yourself...

  • Full Moon in Taurus Meditation Music

    We created a music that resonates with frequencies associated with the Taurus Energy. 60 minute playback.

  • Full Moon in Taurus Guided Meditation Ritual

    This full moon gives us a positive boost to release anything or anyone that doesn’t align with our values or self-worth. This moon phase is a time to balance our heads and our hearts and to refuse what gets us stuck between them.

  • New Moon in Sagittarius

    This new Moon is about opening our warrior hearts to the empowerment and success that aligns with our souls, and gracefully closing to anything that isn’t.

  • Full Moon in Gemini Ritual

  • New Moon Capricorn Guided Meditation

    This is the final new moon of the decade and ushers in a new one with strength and power because it’s paired with a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses bring new changes in relationships, environments and situations that we participate in, and Capricorn is focused on building, organizing and and remain...

  • Full Moon in Pisces Meditation Ritual

    Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces! This full moon invites us to get intimate with self-compassion as we do the work of examining our emotional boundaries. The energy of this moon is helpful on getting clear about what situations and people we've seen with rose-colored glasses rather than what's ...

  • Full Moon in Pisces Meditation Music

    This is a 60 minute playback of ritual music for Pisces Full Moon.

  • Full Moon in Leo Guided Meditation Ritual

    A guided meditation ritual for Full Moon in Leo 2020 by Astrologer Christa Westaway.

  • New Moon in Aquarius Meditation Ritual

    Guided meditation ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius 2020.

  • New Moon in Aries Meditation Ritual

    The Aries new moon brings balance between your drive to make dreams a reality and the intuitive and creative ability to wait for optimal timing. This moon brings passion to manifest entrepreneurial changes you envision when it comes to finances and values, and only that which satisfies your Spiri...

  • Meet the Founders of House of Intuition

    Marco Gonzalez goes behind the scenes at HOI.TV.

  • Introducing Patti Negri

    House of Intuition is proud to present our newest teacher, world famous Patti Negri.

  • Introducing Christopher Rivas

    Meet Christopher Rivas, our newest teacher on HOI.TV and Luminous!

    Christopher is an award winning storyteller. Watch his class Spiritual Storytelling now to learn about our own stories and how to harness them to improve your life.


  • Introducing Andrew Martin

    HOI.TV is proud to introduce the first collaboration with Andrew Martin who has been giving sold out classes at the House of Intuition.

  • Interview with Joshua Stoddard

    Joshua Stoddard is our latest addition of musicians creating sound baths for our members. Learn more about him and his process.

  • Behind the Magic With Shannon

    Marco Gonzalez goes behind the scenes at HOI.TV.

  • Behind the Magic with Oliver

    Marco Gonzalez goes behind the scenes at HOI.TV.

  • Behind the Magic with Naha

    Marco Gonzalez goes behind the scenes at HOI.TV.

  • River Sound Bath

    In our second installment of 432Hz Sound Bath, Joshua Stoddard serves us with a magical session at the Santa Margarita river in North County San Diego, Ca - one of the only free flowing rivers in SoCal.

  • Morning Sound Bath

    In our first installment of 432Hz Sound Bath, Joshua Stoddard serves us with a nice uplifting morning boost shot on a beautiful SoCal morning at sunrise. Perfect sonic landscape for your morning.

    During the shoot even a coyote wandered by to listen to Joshua's playing.

  • Crystal Sound Bath at El Matador Beach

    Get into the zone with a 20-minute Crystal Sound Bath at El Matador Beach, Malibu, CA with Dominic.

  • Introduction to Crystal Sound Bath

    Dominic is using crystal bowls to create magical, relaxing sounds. In this series we will follow him in amazing locations, playing his bowls.

    Here's a little introduction to the world of crystal sound bath healing.

  • Calling Yemoja to Find Relaxation

    9-minute healing and guided meditation calling the deity Yemoja to help us find relaxation. A unique blend of self-empowerment and Afro-Cuban tradition by our charismatic healer Afimaye Galarraga.